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ago 082015


Alan Wake

A Writer’s Dream
How can I be Sure
The Poet and the Muse
The Happy Song


First Step Toward Wars
Palace of Destruction
Tower of the Shadow of Death
To make the end of battle
Subterranean Canal

Brutal Legends

Lamprey Attack
Gather This Great Army

Metal Gear Rising

A Soul Can’t be Cut
Return to Ashes
Rising Action 1

Xenoblade Chronicles – Mechanical Rhythm

Final Fantasy X – Otherworld

dez 272014

Nesse episódio:

Deus EX: Human Revolution (PC)

The Rive
Hung Hua Brothel
Música do final

Sonic Generations (PC)

City Escape Classic
Chemical Plant Zone Classic
Sky Sanctuary versão moderna

MetalGear Rising: Revengeance (PC)

Rules of Nature
The Only thing I know for Real
Dark Skies
A Stranger I Remain
The Saints of Time
Red Sun
A Soul Cant be cut
The War Still Rages Within

Every Little Step Genesis remix por DJYusoboy

Super Hang-On :

Outride A crisis
Winning Run

Tema de encerramento do Streets of Rage 2

Apresentação: liquuid