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Maio 052015


Cloud Surfing
Catch The Dragonspy
Pigsy Blues
The heroes journey
No death in love

Bit Trip Runner:

Blackout City

Always Sometimes Monsters:

I Remember – 007 Goldeneye (Wii)
Sloopy Sands- Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)
Punch-Out (Wii)
Staff Roll – Punch-Out (Wii)

abr 182015

Nesse episódio:

Mortal Kombat I:

In the Beginning….
The Courtyard
The Temple Gate
The Cavern
The Bridge
Goro and the Emperor

Mortal Kombat II:

Prologue: The Battlefield
The Dead Pool
The Screaming Forest
The Armory
The Portal
Air Kombat
Shao Kahn’s Last Stand

Mortal Kombat III:

Tittle Screen
Player Select
Battle Plan
The Subway
The Bank
The Temple
The Streets
The Bridge
The Pit
Soul Chamber
Shao kahn Tower

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abr 042015

Nesse episódio:

Música de abertura de todos os GTA

Super Metroid Medley – FamilyJules7X
Ninja Gaiden 2, Act 4 -2 – eman3624
Double Dragon – Ferdk

Double Dragon Neon:
Neon Jungle – Mango Tango
Firebird – Billy and the Breakers
Glad I am – Lee Brothers
Pick yourself up and dance
Final Palace
Dared to Dream

mar 212015

Nesse episódio

Raiden The Brave
Pasta ‘Theme of Andy Bogard’
A New Poem Southern Thailand Wants to Tell ‘Theme of Joe Higashi’
Duck Dub Dub ‘Theme of Duck King’
Flame Dragon God ‘Theme of Mai Shiranui’
How Can China Have 4000 Years of History ‘Theme of Tung Fu Rue’
Juubei ‘Theme of Jubei Yamanda’
Let’s Go To Seoul! ‘Theme of Kim Kaphwan’
Pangyago Houho ‘Theme of Cheng Sinzan’
London March
Kinkukonku ‘Theme of Axel Hawk’
Practicing Matador ‘Theme of Laurence Blood’
Krauser’s theme_ Dies Irae
Soy Sauce On Geese ‘Theme of Geese Howard’
Ryuko no Ken Ver.230000000.0

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mar 072015

Nesse episódio especial Lords of Shadow

Besieged Village
The Warg
Hunting Path
The Dead Bog
The Swamp Troll
The Ice Titan
Labyrinth Entrance
Waterfalls of Agharta
Maze Gardens
Castle Hall
The Evil Butcher
LauraÆs Mercy
The God Mask
BelmontÆs Theme
Final Confrontation
The End
Love Lost

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fev 212015

Nesse episódio fiz uma homenagem aos 30 anos da estreia de Changeman no Japão

Senppu no Ginga
Dai Seidan Gosma
Earth Force
Changeman Tanjou
Yume Wa Dekkaku
Shinryuku Mono
Yuugen Hiddler Hei
Seishun no Yakudou
Densetsu no Mamoru Gojin

Atsuki Yuusha Tachi
Lady Soldier
Shumei no nana
Ahames Kimi Yo Utsukushiki Are
Omoide no Soudake
Yami Kara no Yobikoe
Kanashumi Uchuu Juushi
Ore Tachi wa Makenai!

Isoge! Kessen No jie!
Let’s Change
Shutter Base Hasshin
Fight Change Robo
Asteroid Memory
Shouke! Uchuu e

Never Stop Changeman

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fev 072015

Nesse episódio:

Silver Surfer (NES)

Goonies II (NES)
BGM 4 – Big Nose (NES)
Olga Breeze – Sagaia (SMS)
Sector 2 – Power Blade (NES)

Bloco Mega Man 5 (NES)

Protoman fortress

Main Theme & Overworld – Super Mario Bros 1 (NES)
Overword – Super Mario Bros 2 (NES)
Overword 2 – Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)
Kid Battle – Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)

Bloody tears – Castlevania II (NES)

Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula Kun (NES)

Go, Go at the castle
Hop and step above the clouds
Roller Coaster Ride

Happy Birthday – Gimmick (NES)
Level 1 – Gremlins 2 (NES)
Ice cream Island – Kirby’s Adventure (NES)
tower of lahja – Ninja Gaiden 2 (NES)
Stage 5 – Lifeforce (NES)
Slum – Might Final Fight (NES)

Reunion – Might Final Fight (NES)

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jan 242015

Nesse episódio:

Metroid Prime (GC)

Tema Título Metroid Prime
Tallon Overworld
Phendrana Drifts
Phendrana Drifts (Lake Area)
Wreck Ship Frigate Orpheon
Magmoor Caverns

Toki Tori 2 (PC)

All nice and quiet, or so it seems
Where’s a glowy berrybug when you need one
Sunny side up
it’s easy be yellow
Omellet du fromage

Cntrol Crisis – KOF 97 (Neo Geo CD)
In Spite Of One’s Age (Master Team) – KOF 98 (Neo Geo CD)
Ne! – KOF 94 (Neo Geo CD)
Psyco soldier – KOF 94 (Neo Geo CD)

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jan 102015

Nesse episódio:

Kokoro Scan (DS)
Slingshot – Daytona USA 2 (ARC)
Bloom of Crimson – Tenchu (PS1)
Kiss Me Sunlights – Zone of the Enders (PS1)

Bloco especial Ace Combat 5 (PS2)

Hangar 1
Naval Blockade
First Flight
White Bird
Front Line

Samurai Shodown 3 (Neo Geo CD)

Purifying Waterfall
Three destinies of lamentation
Heart Mirror

Game Over do megaman 3 com letra!!!! por Brental Floss

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dez 272014

Nesse episódio:

Deus EX: Human Revolution (PC)

The Rive
Hung Hua Brothel
Música do final

Sonic Generations (PC)

City Escape Classic
Chemical Plant Zone Classic
Sky Sanctuary versão moderna

MetalGear Rising: Revengeance (PC)

Rules of Nature
The Only thing I know for Real
Dark Skies
A Stranger I Remain
The Saints of Time
Red Sun
A Soul Cant be cut
The War Still Rages Within

Every Little Step Genesis remix por DJYusoboy

Super Hang-On :

Outride A crisis
Winning Run

Tema de encerramento do Streets of Rage 2

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